Born to Travel

I’m Ana, a Portuguese travel passionate with a strong desire to wander the world and make memories in every corner of our amazing planet. I’ve started traveling when I was a child and I’ve grown up nurturing this wanderlust that became part of who I am. Since then I’ve had the opportunity to travel a lot for different reasons which allowed me to visit 54 countries so far… and counting.

But most of all, I travel for the experience of traveling itself. Because every trip has changed me as well as my perspective of the world, making me more humble, grateful and rich as a person.

Each destination that I’ve visited amazed me by its uniqueness, by the richness of its people, its cultural heritage, its amazing landscapes or its vibrant lifestyle. In each of them I was thrilled by the unknown, by the promise of something new. In each of them, I’ve been lost to find myself through the eyes of a new adventure.

Because nothing thrills me more than organizing an upcoming adventure and I’ve been planning lots of trips in the last few years, I’ve decided to combine three of my biggest passions (traveling, writing and photography) and start my blog.

In this blog I will share not only my own travel plans and stories that can inspire you for your next trip, but also tips on how to plan your dream journey based on your interests and objectives.

Enjoy my Travel in Pink… because I’m always trying to bring a sparkle of pink positivity to life!

Ana - The Travel in Pink
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